Squiggles The Rabbit Copyrighted © Atlantic Images
Squiggles like to look surprised and eat leaves! © Atlantic Images

Meet Squiggles 🐇

I’m small, grey and hop a lot…


Hi! I’m Squiggles *sniff sniff* AKA Hop A Lot *sniff sniff* I was bought from a street vendor when I was too young to leave my rabbit mummy*sniff sniff* and the person who bought me didn’t want me when I got too big*sniff sniff* so Monty’s family saved me and now I run around all the time in a big house and a big garden and I dig holes under my new Dad’s azaleas. One day, this big orange thing came home and I didn’t really like it and they call it Monty now and you can see the day we met below.  He has grown on me, but only slightly *sniff sniff*


fresh dandelion leaves, Monty because he licks me, hopping in my garden, hopping in my house, cuddles, eating my own poo because it’s good for me, hopping *sniff sniff*


Monty because he licks me, cilantro because it makes me toot and is not good for rabbits, people who wear fur *sniff sniff*


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Monty's Furry Friends Kitten Cat Cute Box

Meet Monty 🐱

Monty's Furry Friends © Atlantic Images

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