Hoosier Favorite Golden Retriever?

Meet Teddy, Harper & Sophie

Who doesn’t love the loyal golden retriever? Who doesn’t like gazing at photos of them all day? Definitely not me! Oooh – double negative. After all, they are the canine-version of ME, don’t you think?! Big, fluffy and lovable. So, here’s your answer to daily golden retriever gazing and your new favorite Goldens:

Sweet smiley faces indeed:

Teddy, Harper & Sophie


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Lookin’ spec-tacular, Ted. #baewatch

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Here’s Teddy looking cool #baewatch 🤣

… And Harper, who looks impressed in this picture but who is seemingly not impressed with thunder.  If you have a dog afraid of thunder, consider buying a Thunder Jacket. You can read the full story about the history of this genius drug-free, no training required method of supporting your dog through fireworks, thunder or other stressors.

And and and… Sophie who is 4, just like me! Happy belated birthday, Sophie.

Oh my goodness – who is THAT? 

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Feelin cute, might delete later 😉

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It’s Albert, the Bernedoodle! What’s a Bernedoodle?! I know my Charlie’s a Goldendoodle but Albert is such a dapper chap! “Feeling cute, might delete later” 🤣

Four new friends in one day?! Joyful start to the week!


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