Meet Ruby 🐢

I’m red, rubilicious and I have LOTS of nicknames…

Ruby the Dog Copyrighted Β© Atlantic Images
Ruby likes to steal shoes ad hide them upstairs Β© Atlantic Images


I’m Ruby and I live in England. I have a lot nicknames; Rubilicious, Ruby Tuesday, Rubiod, Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby, Rubes, Ruby Murray, the Ginger Bullet, Little Roo, Rubo, Golden Delicious, Wayne Roobey, Princess Ruby, The Duchess, Porcelain Dog (only when I sit and stay), Crazy Eyed Killa, Rabbit Feet and Roo-Roo…and that’s just SOME of them! I also do a great impression of Elvis and I try to talk like humans.


I like my Dad’s slippers, BIG cuddles from my Mummy, keeping an eye on the neighbourhood from my balcony, eating my dinner in 10 seconds and standing on tables.


I don’t like it when I hear noises in the middle of the night. When I do I run outside and bark. It seems to do the trick.


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