But Do You Follow Squid the Griff?

Because you should…

Squid the Griff is Brussels Griffon and is absolutely the only dog you need to follow on Instagram. I mean look at this face…

The Brussels Griffon or Griffon Bruxellois is a small dog that hails from… you guessed it… Belgium. Often described as “full of self-importance,” the terrier-like Brussels Griffon is happy, spunky, and comical. According to Wikipedia, the Griffon Bruxellois is known to have a huge heart, and a strong desire to snuggle and be with its master. It seems Squid is the ultimate Griffon though I’ve never met Squid or a Griffon in my short life but according to HillsPet, they are excellent with family dogs and cats.

In case you were wondering, as I was, why Squid is called Squid, he answered the question in a Q&A last year on his cool website SquidtheGriff. Squid writes: “Mum first named me ‘Squid’ because of my squid-ink black fur. The name also coincidently suited my beard which looks like Squid Tentacles when wet and also my lanky legs – Vogue, if you’re reading this, yes I am available for a cover shoot.”

No seriously, you must understand, you need to follow @squidthegriff. I immediately fell in love and asked Mum if we could get a Squid Kid of our own. She says that we must still grieve through the loss of Squiggles and then we can talk about adopting a new friend. Remember how important it is to #reskew though – just because the Griffon is a breed doesn’t mean you have to buy one. There is many a Griffon in need:

National Brussels Griffon Rescue

Find a Griffon in Need Near You

American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance

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