SPOTS SPOTTED: Potbelly Pig on a Leash

I was on my way to the vet today…

I was on my way to the vet today and I looked out the window and there was this big pig… walking around on a leash!

potbelly pig walk leash monty furry friends cute piglet animals
Walkies! I bet this piggy gets a lot of attention on his walks ©Atlantic Images

I asked if maybe we could get one but apparently, potbellied pigs (pot belly pigs) grow to 125 pounds to over 200 pounds and 16 to 26 inches tall. Wow – that’s big and heavy!

potbelly pig leash big monty piggie cute spots
Maybe his treats are kept in this bag? Or maybe he’s into fashion? ©Atlantic Images

Also, pigs really like their food and are very, very smart. They can learn to open the fridge and cupboards in their never-ending quest for food.  

Potbelly pig piggy spots monty furry friends animals cute
SPOTS SPOTTED: Look at this beautiful potbelly piggy I saw today! He’s rooting for tasty things ©Atlantic Images

Pigs are omnivores, not herbivores. They do not make their own protein. In the wild, the protein would come from dead animals, worms, bugs… A pig fed nothing but fruits and veggies will have problems.  That kind of sounds like it might get very expensive.

potbelly pig leash monty furry friends piggy cute
He’s got a proper harness on so he doesn’t walk off while having a good sniff about! ©AtlanticImages

This piggy looks very loved and looked after. PLEASE do your homework before getting a pig for a pet. The abandoned 350lbs potbelly pig below was luckily accepted into a feral cat colony and eventually rescued from a harsh winter.

The spotty cute potbelly pig had gone by the time we left the vet’s so he’s probably home now having a second lunch.  It was my first proper vet visit and you can see the video later this week.

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