That Bee is drunk! 🐝🍺

Teehee! I think that bee got buzzed…

After stealing a sip of beer, the bee fell off the rim of the pint glass and started walking backward. He did eventually fly off but I hope he drank a lot of water because otherwise, he’s going to have a hangover. No one needs to meet a bee with a hangover.

Can insects get drunk? The answer is YES! And I really hope they’re not mean drunks. I liked this article about drunk mosquitos.  Please NEVER GIVE YOUR ANIMALS ANY ALCOHOL, EVER. And, when you have a party, put us animals somewhere where we can’t get to it. Even small amounts of liquor can potentially kill a small animal, dog or cat!

Also, check your animals dental products! There are some brands that actually add 25% or more straight grain alcohol to the formula which makes it equivalent in strength to a 50 proof cocktail. Over time, this excessive alcohol has been shown to cause damage to the liver, kidneys and nervous system.

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