Happy New Year! Our Quick Guide To Keeping Your Pets Safe When The Fireworks Go Off 🎇 🐱

Here’s our quick guide to helping your pets feel a bit safer when fireworks are set off

Happy New Year to one and all! But make sure your pets are safe when the fireworks go off! Check out our quick guide below to help you get YOUR Fluffy friends ready!

Pets Fireworks Monty Maine Coon
All house pets can get very frightened when the New Years Eve fireworks go off so be prepared! © Atlantic Images

My Furry Friends are all different types of creatures so remember that each one might react to fireworks in different ways.


  • According to the RSPCA estimated that 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.
  • Walking your dog before the fireworks begin is always good for them.
  • Creating a den with blankets that can give your dog a place to hide where they feel safe.
  • Pillows or cushions can absorb some of the noise for your dog as well.
  • Close all the doors and windows so your canine companion doesn’t run out of the door when the fireworks go out.
Gizmo likes to run around in circles when he meets humans © Atlantic Images
Gizmo likes to run around in circles when he meets humans © Atlantic Images

CATS (Like Meeeee!) 😺

  • Cats can prefer higher ground than a den on the floor so give the furry felines some areas (on cupboards or drawers) to hide.
  • Make sure the cat flaps are closed/secure so we don’t try to pop out as we don’t know that the noise is coming from outside!
  • Draw the curtains as this makes us feel a bit more secure.
  • You could even play music as that can help cover the noise from the fireworks.
Monty in Sink Monty's Furry Friends © Atlantic Images
Monty in the sink! This is one of my favorite sleeping places! © Atlantic Images

Smaller Pets & Garden Wildlife 🐰

  • Your smaller pets in cages can be covered with blankets so they are more sound-proofed.
  • If your smaller pets live outside then a good idea is to move them inside, even if it’s in the garage or into a shed.
  • Provide your furry friend with extra bedding so they can burrow into it when those loud noises go bang!
Squiggles The Rabbit Copyrighted © Atlantic Images
Squiggles like to look surprised and eat leaves! © Atlantic Images

VIDEO: Cat Meets Rabbit! Maine Coon Monty Meets Squiggles The Bunny Rabbit

Have a fun time, Happy New Year and See more of me and my Furry Friends in 2018!


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