Losing My Friend

My darling Hop-A-Long has passed along

I have not been posting recently as I have been very sad. My darling Squiggles passed away in her sleep, and it’s been hard for me to admit it to myself, let alone to you all.

A fat grey rabbit looking into the camera
Squiggles the Rabbit Passed Away

The pain has been intense – my furry tummy literally hurts. I am not sure how to grieve through this – what I’m supposed to be doing – it’s been hard to concentrate on anything. Squiggles was a very special friend of mine – we weren’t sure what to make of each other when we first met

Makeshift grave with large grey stone and Buddha statue and bright yellow flowers surrounding the grave
How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

To help come to terms with the grief, I am trying to remember Squiggles by keeping the love alive. I have framed a photo of her & created a symbolic gravestone in the garden.  If you ever find yourself in this situation, I can recommend these small steps. The pain will always be here but it will get easier.

Orange luffy cat sits in basin looking very sad with tear running under left eye

Remember to always give yourself permission to grieve for as long as you need to…

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