My Bestest Friends

They have names now too!

Thank you to all those who voted on my new best friends’ names: we had a tie between Bonnie & Clive and Rhubarb & Custard so they are now known as Bonnie Rhubarb & Clive Custard!

two kittens holding each other
“Bonnie & Clive Are Still Inseparable” © Atlantic Images

So Bonnie and Clive are still inseparable so we are so glad we were able to adopt them both. They do everything together, but they let me play too. I’m like the big brother they look up to.

Two kittens sleeping on each other
“They Do Everything Together ” © Atlantic Images

As the big brother, I watch them and wash them. Honestly, Bonnie Rhubarb washes herself but Clive comes to me. I think he’s a bit obsessed with me actually. I’ve never felt so loved. He does everything I do. I mean, it is a compliment but it can get annoying. Sometimes, out of nowhere, I lose my temper and turn around and bat him around the face. It doesn’t stop him…

Two orange cat washing each other
“But then I wash him to apologize” © Atlantic Images

But like in this video below, I’m all aloof and don’t want to play in the bath so Clive just has to act the same way. I mean it’s like having a shadow! If I weren’t around, he’d get all silly and play with Bonnie. She doesn’t care and messes about for ages. Maybe he thinks being like me is really cool – and I suppose it is. I am rather a special Maine Coon cat called Monty!

Three golden retrievers on a bed wearing bandanas

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