Learning to Use the Loo 🚽

Here is how to teach your cat to use the toilet! 😼

So no, this not me in the below video. I do have a lot of respect for Quiz the Cat but my parents didn’t teach me how to do this… yet!

They spent more time teaching Squiggles to use a litter tray instead.  I think they thought that was the priority because Squiggles leaves hundreds of poo pellets and Mum didn’t want to be sweeping up all over the house.  At least she only needed to clear up after us in one place!

Rabbit potty training Squiggles rabbit cute
Squiggles Before Potty Training © Atlantic Images

Mum currently cleans out our litter tray every day and cleans it completely twice a week. Sometimes I feel bad but not really. But that’s a lot of time she spends cleaning up after SquigglesMcGee and me. And nevermind my smelly poos! Sorry, mummy and daddy and anyone within a 5-mile radius.

Monty Maine Coon not guilty beautiful pretty
Me Feeling Not Guilty But Looking Way Pretty © Atlantic Images

So, mum, think about how much easier your life would be if you trained me to poo in the loo! On average, a cat as young as 6 months can be taught to use the toilet in 6-8 weeks.

So Mum, let’s try!

Monty Maine Coon Gorgeous Cute Beautiful Cat
Mum, I’m Ready To Try © Atlantic Images

Firstly, move my litter box near your toilet (maybe the one in your bedroom so any guests don’t get a shock). Then, over a few weeks, gradually raise it (maybe use your own Squatty Potty to start and then pile on some old phone books). Take a little litter out everytime you raise it. And THEN, eventually move the litter box onto the toilet seat, still slowly removing litter before swapping it out for a training box like Litter Kwitter (there are plenty available online or in pet stores). Clean the litter out in the training box after EACH use and sprinkle over a little catnip. Thanks!

Over the next couple of weeks, remove the rings one by one (there will be instructions with your litter kit but you know your cat the best).  Some cats learn quicker than others so be patient with us pussycats and please flush after I’ve done my business too.

Next training exercise is to get them to flush! All cats are different (I am just superior to most beings) but if you wet the flush handle and sprinkle some enticing catnip on it and let it dry so it sticks; this will bring my attention to it, hopefully enough to paw at it & try to get it off to eat it. I may start to associate the good feeling with what I’ve done in the toilet and then continue to do so even without the catnip there. It is best for you to flush for me because this might happen… it’s just so satisfying!

BIG TIP: Don’t stand around waiting for me to do my stuff or even barge in with treats or an iPhone camera because I’ll get discouraged – this is my private time with YOUR toilet. Ok, well now, MY toilet!

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Smell you later 💩

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