Halloween…and I’m The Only Sheriff In Town…OK who chose those shorts? 🎃

My FIRST Trick or Treat was Fun…but I want to choose the next outfit…

Halloween in America is WAY different than Halloween back in England…First, there is no Bonfire Night (which I’m actually happy about because of those horrible fireworks)…and second EVERYONE dresses up here in LA and it isn’t just ghouls and ghosts…

Monty Halloween 2017 Sheriff Cowboy Outfit © Atlantic Images
Look…I’m the new Sheriff in Town…Just don’t look at my shorts © Atlantic Images

So this year, now that I live in LA, my friends decided to buy me a Sheriff’s outfit and it looked great…apart from those shorts…Hmmmmm…maybe next year I get to choose? 

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Monty Maine coon Cat Drawing copyright Atlantic Images Christmas Santa Hat

Meowry Christmas From Me… Monty!🎄🦁

Denver the Guilty Dog