Bertie the Maine Coon
Bertie is a Maine Coon and lives in England with his parents and his brother Rufus © Atlantic Images

Meet Bertie 🐱

I am a tabby Maine Coon and I met Monty in England before he left to LA


I live in a village called Cheam with my new brother Rufus.  Before Rufus came to live here, I lived with my Great Aunt Toots but she got very old and frail and then one day, she wasn’t here anymore.


Jumping over foxes who live in at the bottom of the garden, getting an extra treat after dinner, chin rubs, lounging out on the sofa so no one else can sit there, my Great Aunt Toots


Rufus because he’s a bit rough, Rufus because he wants to play ALL THE TIME, Rufus because he is smelly from rolling in fox poo, Rufus because sometimes he gets on the sofa


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Gizmo likes to run around in circles when he meets humans © Atlantic Images

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