Meet Monty 🐱

This is my site and these are my furriends!

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I’m Monty and if i see a box I get in it! © Atlantic Images


My full name is Lord Montmorency of Mullion but I’m not really bothered by titles – purrlease call me Monty. I was born in Mullion in Cornwall in England and I came over to live with my new family in Los Angeles in California in America. I didn’t really mind flying because it’s like what the birds do in the garden. I try to catch them but they are too high.  I did catch one once but it got away. 

I stand on a lot of keyboards – if I see a keyboard, I stand on it – and now I’ve figured out how to build a whole website after much of this keyboard standing. You can watch my short young life story below:


catnip bananas, all my furriends, meat pies, going outside, licking human heads, being brushed all the time, being naughty, chasing lizards.


dead catnip bananas, not being brushed all the time, loud noises, small people who pull my tail, being brought in from the garden at night even though there are coyotes who would eat me, closed windows.

Yeowww Catnip Banana Monty Cat Toy
My Dead Banana © Atlantic Images


VIDEO: Meet Monty, the Giant Maine Coon Who Moved To Hollywood & Made Lots of Furry Friends

Play our fun Kitty video below:

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Ruby the Dog Copyrighted © Atlantic Images

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Squiggles The Rabbit Copyrighted © Atlantic Images

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