Get Your Party Hats On…🎉

Christmas can be such a fun time but make sure you don’t forget our furry needs…

It’s #Christmas party hat time…especially on Christmas Eve  where you humans like to party! But stay safe out there and don’t forget us at home…


Monty Maine Coon Christmas Hat
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas…I’ll be joining the party wearing a festive hat and napping under the tree © Atlantic Images

In fact I have ten top tips right here to help you care for us furry things over the holidays so hop over there by clicking the link below: 🐇🐇🐇🐇

Squiggles is ready for Christmas…Are You? Top Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

VIDEO: Meet Monty, the Giant Maine Coon Who Moved To Hollywood & Made Lots of Furry Friends

Merry Crimbles to One & All!!

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Welsh Corgi Queens Corgis Christmas Sweater Ugly Jumper

Even The Royal Corgis Are Dressing Up For Christmas! 👑

No stranger to a nativity, the Zoo’s donkeys also joined in the festivities, tucking into giant Santa hay sacks hung in their stables © ZSL London

All I Want For Christmas Is ZOO! 🐧