My Christmas Tree Is All Pretty Now…🎄

or do I mean my new napping spot?

If you’re here right now, then you already know:

My Website is Live and My Christmas Tree is Sparkling!

Monty Maine Coon Christmas Tree Presents Cute Cat Animals
 I like Christmas because my humans build me a new shiny, bright and sparkly nap spot © Atlantic Images

I really do hope you enjoy me and all my furry friends over the Christmas holidays and that you get all the mince pies you could hope for. 

Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly.

I'm the king of the jungle! Forget this other lion...he doesn't move much anyway...I'll take care of this jungle/garden! © Atlantic Images

Can you Spot The Scary Lion? 🦁🦁

Vets at ZSL London Zoo perform life-saving surgery on a 200lb Western lowland gorilla during a four hour operation © ZSL London Zoo

ZSL Vets Save Critically Endangered Gorilla Called Effie! 🦍