My New Pen Pal Rufus…🖊️

Have you SEEN the size of his PAWS?!

This is Rufus. This is just his introductory video so you can meet him and there’s a lot more to come. Believe it or not, he’s naughtier than me! Nah – I knew wouldn’t believe it.

He’s moved in with my mate Bertie who hasn’t got a nice thing to say about the scallywag but I think he looks kind of great with his huge paws and huge ears and general cheekiness. Maybe I’ll get back to the homeland one day so I can meet him in catson but in the meantime, I will enjoy his antics on video.

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Monty the Maine Coon Los Angeles Orange Cat Sitting On Piano

What mischief and property damage can I cause today? 🦁😼

iAmMoshow holds his orange cat Ravioli

We All Know Cat Emotions 😹