PETA Reminds Christmas Shoppers Not To Buy Pets As Presents 🎁

Remember it takes a 10 to 20 year commitment to look after your furry friend

Scratch Me Off Your Holiday Shopping List! PETA reminds Christmas shoppers that cats and dogs require a 10 to 20 year financial and emotional commitment. They then add “Please, don’t buy animals as presents.

PETA Poster Cat Scratching Sofa
PETA: Cats and Dogs require a 10 to 20 year commitment so beware when buying pets as presents for Christmas!

A reason for this message is because there are illegal breeders everywhere. For example, PETA discovered that a rabbit-breeding operation in Riverside County, California, had tried to sell off all its bunnies on the Internet. The breeders had been selling rabbits for fur, meat, and reptile food, and now they no longer wanted the business. See the video below: 

VIDEO: PETA – More Than 80 Rabbits Rescued From Backyard Breeder

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