Sunday Vibes! 🦁🥣💤

Did someone want to use this bowl?

Sometimes a bowl just looks so inviting…even if it doesn’t quite fit. I hope these humans didn’t want to use this bowl as I’ll be in it for most of the day #tightsqueeze #sundayvibes

Monty Main coon Funny Cat Pussycat in a Bowl
Sunday’s are for chilling…in someone’s bowl that they wanted to use! © Atlantic Images

Oh, and did you see me meeting Squiggles the grey bunny rabbit? Check out this funny video below: 

VIDEO: Cat Meets Rabbit! Maine Coon Monty Meets Squiggles The Bunny Rabbit


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Squiggles Rabbit On The Roof Of Her Cardboard Castle

Living Free Range 📦

Jerboas are hopping rodents who live in deserts throughout Northern Africa and Asia. Jerboas can run at up to 15 miles per hour – that’s almost as fast as me!