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Are You Putting Something Special Under The Tree For Your Furry Friend? ๐ŸŽ

Weโ€™ve tried and tested some great ideas for you!

If you have a feline furry friend, look at this banana!ย  I seriously canโ€™t enough Yeoww Catnip Bananas. They are my absolute favoriteย toy in the whole world.ย I get one for my birthday & also Christmas every year but Iโ€™ve normally killed it by dinner time.ย You can see the remnants of my last one on my Meet Monty page.

Catnip Toy Christmas Present Monty Pets


If you have a canine furry friend, Gizmo loves this awesomely interactive Hide-a-Squirrel tree even though Gizmo doesnโ€™t like to harm real squirrels.

Hide A Squirrel Dog Christmas Present Gizmo


If you have a small furry friend like a hamster or a gerbil, Squiggles highly recommends this Critter Cruiser as she is very sad they donโ€™t make it in her size.

Critter Cruiser Christmas Present Hamster Gerbil Monty Squiggles


Donโ€™t worry about Squiggles though because Iโ€™m wrapping up this cat tunnel because itโ€™s good for rabbits too and maybe sheโ€™ll let me use it sometimesโ€ฆ

Cat Rabbit Tube Tunnel Christmas Present Pets Monty


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