Rats Shower? 🐀🚿


Soooo… actually, it’s not a rat but a nutria (or coypu) and he’s just having a private little wash like the rest of us.

Personally, I hate water and instead use my tongue as a natural brush. I have a particularly rough tongue because I have to deal with so much fur and the surface of it is covered with tiny spiky bits. Called papillae, which is a big word, they brush off dirt, loose hair, fleas and any leftover lunch.  For the bits I can’t quite get to with my papillae, I use my paws like a washcloth.

Orange Maine Coon Cat Monty lying in white sink
Me in My Perfectly-Sized Bathtub Bed © Atlantic Images

Just a quick note: when washing your furry friend, make sure you actually need to wash them because they most likely will just wash themselves and if you do have to, use the correct soap ie. make sure it’s a vet-quality product. Don’t just wash them in a bit of your own Body Shop Rainforest Balance shampoo who, incidentally, don’t test on animals 😺

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