Honduran White Bat Who Makes Its Own Tent Out Of Leaves 🦇

That’s a good idea next time I’m stuck out in the rain!

The Honduran White Bat has a fluffy white coat! Its ears, face, nose & legs are bright orange like mine! They live in western Panama, eastern Costa Rica, northern Nicaragua and eastern Honduras – well because that’s their name duhh. They live in rainforests that have heliconia plants. By cutting along the middle of heliconia leaves, these bats force the leaves to collapse into an upside-down V-shaped tent that might shelter as many as twelve bats.

Rainforest destruction is a serious threat. For the Honduran White Bat to survive, rainforests in the Central American lowlands that have heliconia must remain standing!


Every year, 15 million hectares of tropical forests are cleared. At this pace, nearly all the world’s rainforests will be lost in 50 years. Many of our modern medicines come from rainforests believe it or not but we seem to be wiping it out quicker than we can find cures.

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests.

Amazing footage from the BBC’s Deep into the Wild series. Visit BBC Earth for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more!

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